Pinarella di Cervia


Pinarella di Cervia is a small holiday town. Its beach borders a large pinewood, a big favourite for anyone seeking a peaceful and relaxing holiday. All areas are fully equipped and easy to reach. All main roads are well away from the tourist area and pinewood, so peace and quiet are assured.

Nature and Sea

The magnificent pinewood, which stretches along the beach, is criss-crossed by “trim trails” that permit enjoying the beauty of the natural environment to the full.

Pinarella di Cervia is the ideal place for taking long and relaxing walks in an environment that is absolutely safe for children.

For the children

All the main roads to Pinarella do in fact terminate at the pinewood entry point, so the promenade is totally free of traffic. Today, the town offers lots of shops, discos, sports facilities and a water park. In the evening, the town centre comes alive with numerous events.